Comfort Active
An orthotic for maximum control. The Active is made of a semi-rigid polypropylene core layer, the rear foot has intrinsic stabilization built into the shape and the device has a increased medial contour. It is the ideal choice for control in a prefab. The mid layer is made of a EVA soft foam.  The top layer is white soft touch synthetic leather. With firmer shell and a deeper heel cup than our Dress model, this insole creates the perfect cost effective high control or sport device.

  • Available in 7 sizes:
  • W 4-5 
  • W 6-7 
  • M 6-7 W 8-9 
  • M 8-9 W 10-11 
  • M 10-11 W 12-13 
  • M 12-13 
  • M 14-15 
  • Full length
  • Made in our lab in the USA


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