Arch Angel Children's Comfort Inserts
A child's feet have to last them a lifetime so help protect them in the beginning.  Arch Angels comfort insoles are designed specifically to address the special needs of a child's growing feet. By utilizing a progressive arch design system, Arch Angels support the natural development of a child's foot. Inspired by a Mom and developed by two podiatrists, Arch Angels provides the support even the best shoes can not offer. Arch Angels uses a unique triple layer design. For comfort, the outer foam layer offers gentle cushioning while the inner core provides gentle support for the developing arch. These insoles are constructed of non-toxic materials, are hand washable (BIG PLUS) and are designed to last through two shoe sizes (HUGE PLUS). 

Arch Angels will fit in most enclosed shoes. If your patient's shoe is not deep enough to accommodate Arch Angels, remove the shoe's insole. This will provide more depth in the shoe allowing for a better fit. Over time, Arch Angels will show normal wear and tear, especially at the front edges. This has no impact on the effectiveness of Arch Angels.

  • Keep in mind that Arch Angels™ will take up additional space inside the shoe, and therefore it may be necessary to move up a half-size shoe to accommodate their cushioning support. 
  • Because the product is ¾ length, Arch Angels are designed to fit comfortably into most enclosed shoes.
  • Arch Angels® should last each child approximately 2 shoe sizes, or about 6-16 months, depending on how fast the child grows.
  • Spot clean Arch Angels® with soap and water. Air dry. Keep away from heat.
  • Replace Arch Angels every two shoe sizes, or when insole no longer extends to just before the ball of the foot.

Toddler Shoe Size 6-8
Toddler Shoe Size 9-10
Toddler Shoe Size 11-12
Youth Shoe Size 13-1
Youth Shoe Size 2-3


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