Torch Walker

TORCH Walker (Total contact Orthotic†Restraining Custom Hybrid) combines the support and positioning of a traditional AFO with the accommodation and functionality of custom molded footwear. A triple density custom insole and a rocker bottom with SACH heel are standard features. The TORCH offers a multitude of diagnosis specific modifications and options to accommodate any complex lower extremity condition.

The TORCH is fully adjustable for fluctuating edema and the Velcro/lace closure creates a perfect fit every time. This 100% custom device can accommodate any situation and is a superior alternative to the CROW Walker. Increased patient compliance translates into better outcomes.

  • Triple density custom insert to relieve plantar pressures and increase comfort
  • Soft foam padded collar decreases posterior proximal pressure
  • Rocker sole to insure proper gait
  • Integrated custom molded solid AFO

The cast should be taken in a seated position and semi-weight bearing with the foot to leg position as close to the plane of function as you want the patient in - cast patient with as much correction or support that you want the device to provide. Be careful not to over correct as the patient may not be able to tolerate the device but the cast should reflect the position of the device. Proper position and making sure that the cast clearly defines the superior distal aspect of the longest toe is essential. The height of the cast needs to be at least an inch higher than the height of the finished device. Some correction can be made at the lab to the cast if necessary.



·         Charcot deformities

·         Chronic plantar ulcerations

·         Non-union fractures

·         Traumatic injury

·         Partial foot amputations

·         Equinus contractures

·         Reflex sympathetic dystrophy

·         Rheumatoid arthritis


L-1960 A rigid orthosis to control the foot and ankle, custom molded from a model of the patient, custom fabricated, includes casting and cast preparation ( if the device extends to a height no greater than 1.5 inches distal to the apex of the head of the fibula.)


L –1940 A ankle foot orthosis, plastic or other material, custom fabricated (for device with a height below 1.5 inches distal to the apex of the head of the fibula.)

Plus the codes below

L-2330 A leather, or similar material, lacer molded from a model of the patient, that fits around the calf area, includes casting and cast preparation

L-2820 Addition to Lower Extremity Orthosis, Soft Interface for Molded Plastic, Below Knee Section

L-2232 Addition to lower extremity orthosis, rocker bottom for total contact ankle foot orthosis, for custom fabricated orthosis only

L-2280 Addition to lower extremity, molded inner boot

L-3020 Foot insert, removable, molded to patient model, longitudinal/metatarsal support each

L-5000 Partial foot, shoe insert, with longitudinal arch, toe filler (if the device includes an amputation filler code)

If patient is diabetic and qualifies can also use A5501 and A5503










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