The Richie OTC Dynamic Assist

The Richie Brace® was designed and introduced to the medical community in 1996 by sports podiatrist, Dr. Doug Richie. Since that time the Richie Brace has become a gold standard treatment in the orthotics industry. It is universally recognized by podiatrists, pedorthists, orthotists and orthopedic surgeons as a unique , breakthrough technology to treat a wide variety of foot and ankle pathologies. Many imitations have followed, but none have achieved the fit, comfort and clinical success of the Richie Brace. 

The Richie Brace is lighter than most custom ankle-foot orthoses. The leg uprights are designed to leave the front and back of the leg open for breathability and comfort. Once the Richie Brace is positioned on the foot and leg and the Velcro straps are adjusted, the user is hardly aware they are even wearing it. After initial adjustment of the three straps, daily application and removal of the Richie Brace involves the simple opening and closing of one single strap. All of the straps of the Richie Brace can be easily and in-expensively replaced without the need for rivots or glues.

The Richie Dynamic Assist Brace is indicated for the stabilization of the foot and ankle in patients with weakness of the dorsiflexor and evertor muscles of the lower leg. This presentation may be the result of: Post CVA (stroke), Mild Muscular Dystrophy, Charcot Marie Tooth Disease, Post Spinal Cord Surgery,Diabetic Neuropathy.

For additional technical support please consult Dr. Richie's website at

  • Pre-fabricated contoured orthotic footplate
  • Anatomic Ankle Axis Hinge Placement
  • Semi-rigid lower limb supports
  • Tamarack® flexural ankle joints

  • Dynamic dorsiflexion-assist
  • Control of varus/valgus alignment of the foot
  • Pure, unrestricted sagital ankle Motion
  • Optimal shoe fit

Brace is indicated for patients with:

  • Partial or complete dropfoot

Brace CAN be used if patient has:

  • Adducto-varus foot deformity
  • Diabetic Charcot deformity without severe equinus
  • Body weight over 200 pounds

Brace is NOT indicated for patients with:

  • Spasticity of plantar flexors or invertor muscle groups
  • Moderate to severe weakness of plantarflexors
  • Severe equinus (ankle dorsiflexion zero degrees or less)
  • Unstable knee

For additional technical support please consult Dr. Richie's website at www.richiebrace.

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