iTOM-CAT in office scanning technology

ComfortFit Labs, along with its technology partner TOM-CAT Solutions, is now offering the biggest breakthrough in foot and ankle scanning technology to date. This is a “full solution” that has integrated all hardware and software into a single, easy to use, full function scanning system. This new iTOM-CAT is an iPad Air 2 based system that uses ComfortFit’s standard, easy to use prescription order form. The system uses a structured sensor to capture a 3-D image that has an accuracy of 0.2 mm and that is much more accurate than most competitive in-office scanning systems. Click here for instructional videos including how to cast for custom foot orthotics, how to order custom foot orthotics with iTOM-CAT system, how to use iTOM-CAT for Richie Brace casting and ordering and how to use iTOM-CAT for diabetic shoe measurements. 


Uses standard Apple iPad Air 2 – use your own or buy it from us

FULL technical and administrative support – make only one call for help

Faster turnaround times, faster in-office casting (no mess, no casting)

Reduced paper flow and improved in-office patient tracking and history

Easy start-up with free system calibration (one time requirement for accuracy)

HIPAA compliant Software

Lifetime cast storage

No hidden fees


How It Works

Using the TOM-CAT 3D Foot Scanner is incredibly simple:

  1. Have the patient remove their shoe and place their foot on the adjustable scanner pad (you can rotate it to any position to adjust and accommodate your preferred technique)
  2. Click the “Scan” button the TOM-CAT software screen to perform a scan
  3. Review the 3D image on the full-color TOM-CAT Monitor to ensure clarity and accuracy (simply clicking “Scan” again if the image isn’t clear)
  4. Enter the prescription and patient information using the keyboard and mouse (TOM-CAT software includes universal dropdown menu options)
  5. Click “Submit” to digitally send the order to us

That’s all that’s involved. No preparation. No Mess. No cleanup. The TOM-CAT 3D Foot Scanner is compact, self-contained, portable and easy to use.  It will truly change the way you treat patients, while increasing your productivity and profits.

Video Links
Click here for instructional videos for iTOM-CAT

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