Adult UCBL

Our adult functional orthotics are recommended for extreme biomechanical control in your adult patient. Oftentimes footwear and patient compliance are needed for this option. You may make any changes to our standard by noting them on our prescription form. All of our custom foot orthotics are priced at a flat rate that includes any and all additions and modifications. For proper fabrication, please include a completed prescription order form with each cast. Any technical assistance you may need is available by calling Customer Service at 1.888.523.1600.

For instructional videos on how to cast for custom foot orthotics with the iPad based iTOM-CAT scanning system, click here


Stabilize a flexible foot deformity.
Full biomechanical control can be achieved
High medial and lateral flanges that extend just proximal to the 1st and 5th met heads.
Fully encompasses heel with molded heel cup.
Controls severe pronation and collapse of midtarsal joints.







White subortholene 4.0 mm shell
Extrinsic white high-density EVA RF posts with non-skid bottom plate.
Standard top cover is blue vinyl to mets but you may select a different length and material options on the prescription order form.

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