Welcome to ComfortFit Labs

A company with 35 years of solid orthotic experience and a fierce commitment to operational excellence.

ComfortFit Labs was created with the goal of producing a quality orthotic, backed by superior service, at a reasonable cost. Every aspect of ComfortFit Labs was designed to make working with us as simple and enjoyable as possible. That is why we offer many choices in the way you can place an order, have the finished product shipped back to you, and communicate to us your needs as well as those of your patients.

Our clients demand orthotics made from the highest-quality materials available and that is exactly what we deliver. We manufacture our custom orthotics from your patients' individual molds, and all the biomechanics of the foot are considered while fulfilling your prescriptions. ComfortFit's quality assurance program creates a standard of excellence not found in most orthotic labs. This insures that your patients' orthotics are accurate each and every time.

The entire team at ComfortFit Orthotic Labs is dedicated to your total satisfaction. We are proud of the products we produce and equally proud that our clients feel the same way. ComfortFit Orthotic Labs will continue to listen, learn and exceed your expectations today, tomorrow, and well into the millennium.

ComfortFit Orthotics In the News

Your image just got better

with our SmartScan powered by FusiForm and iTOM-CAT. ComfortFit now gives you a choice in digital scanning. We partner with both FusiForm and iTOM-CAT to offer a full scanning solution for your practice that is easy to use.



ComfortFit’s Medical Director

Dr. Barbara Campbell

ComfortFit’s Medical Director, Dr. Barbara Campbell, has developed a mentoring program with APMSA graduates, through a partnership with us.



Frequently Asked Questions

What is your product guarantee?

All orthotic shells carry a lifetime guarantee against breakage.


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