Frequently Asked Questions

All orthotic shells carry a lifetime guarantee against breakage. All other components of the orthotic carry a standard six-month guarantee against workmanship or defects. After the initial six-month guarantee, all repairs and adjustments will be charged at our standard flat rate repair charge. During the six-month guarantee, ComfortFit Labs will adjust and repair all orthotic components. Additionally, ComfortFit Labs offers an extended care warranty protection policy that provides 24 months of repair service (see ComfortZone below). There is no charge for freight for repairs under the six month guarantee period or for ComfortZone repairs. There is a shipping charge for repairs outside of the guarantee period.

All orthotic returns for credit are considered on an individual basis. Our policy is simple: we want to satisfy our customers and their patients. All other products including but not limited to diabetic shoes, sandals, walkers, night splints and pre-fabs may be returned for credit if they are in new condition. There may be a restocking fee for shoes and sandals. Shoes and sandals may be exchanged with no restocking fee if there is a sizing issue or a manufacturing defect or patient compliance issue.

ComfortZone is a 24 month protection policy that offers your patients comfort, quality and assurance. This warranty covers any damage to your patient’s orthotics for 24 months. After the initial enrollment fee, there is no charge for any repairs. ComfortFit Labs will also cover competitors’ orthotic devices under this program. Our ComfortZone policy also covers one outgrow pair for a child up to the age of 17.

ComfortFit Lab accepts traditional plaster casts, foam impression boxes, STS socks, and foot scans from our technology partner Tom-Cat and Fusiform. Please see our casting videos under the Resources tab found on our homepage. ComfortFit has high tech casting capabilities for special casting requirements like Root, Blake and Kirby Skive casting techniques.

All forms of casts are stored indefinitely.

ComfortFit offers an all inclusive, flat rate repair service. This includes top cover replacement with new padding over the shell or on the extensions, pad replacements, reposting if required and any arch adjustments. We repair orthotics from any lab. All repair work is guaranteed for six months.

ComfortFit turnaround time for custom orthotics is 10-14 days in-house starting from the day the lab receives your cast. Stock items such as pre-fabs, night splints and walkers ship within 48 hours.

There is never a charge for orthotic orders to be rushed. It is our pleasure to provide special turnaround for our loyal customers with special patient requests. Please indicate RUSH and the date needed on your prescription form for rush orders. We will make every effort to accommodate your request.

All new custom orthotics, ComfortZone repairs, replacements and adjustments include free inbound and outbound shipping except for drop ships direct to patients. Billable repairs, adjustments and return of positive casts incur shipping charges. All non-orthotic products including pre-fabs, splints/walkers, diabetic shoes, sandals and orthotic materials incur shipping charges. We use USPS and FedEx services to ship. We use courier services in the New York and New Jersey area. We provide pre-paid USPS and FedEx labels and shipping boxes to all of our accounts for shipment of orthotic casts. Priority shipping is available for an additional fee.

All of our customers have access to track their orders through a personal, private login into our Client Order Status system. You can login into this system from the homepage of our website. To set up your personal password please contact 1-800-773-2699

Our technical service department and our customer service department are always available to assist you and your office staff. We can be reached by email, phone or fax.

Please see our custom orthotics catalog for a complete list of all of our products including additions and modifications and suggestions for appropriate device based on activity, foot condition and shoe type. You can download our orthotic catalog in the Resource section of our website (see Resource tab on our homepage). Our technical support team and customer service team are always available for technical consultations. For non-orthotic products, please contact customer service. All of our products are included on our website with detailed product information.

New custom foot orthotics will come with wearing instructions. If your patient has not worn foot inserts or custom orthotics before, we suggest gradually breaking in new orthotics: one hour the first day, two hours the second day, three hours the third day, etc. If at any time they experience discomfort, have them remove their orthotics from their shoes and try again the next day. If they still continue to have pain, stop wearing orthotics and have your office contact us. Sometimes an orthotic can create a different weight bearing feeling in shoes. This is perfectly normal and any uncomfortable feeling should disappear in time. Their feet are simply adjusting to the realignment resulting from new foot orthotics. Remove shoe’s insoles while wearing orthotics.

Custom and pre-fabricated orthotics may be cleaned with soap and water and left out to air dry.

We do offer volume discounts. Please contact us directly.

Please have your staff use an industry approved (ritz stick, brannock device) measuring device for diabetic shoes. Please keep in mind that feet swell during the day so take that into account when ordering diabetic shoes for your patients. Please measure both length and width. All of our shoe vendors use different symbols to indicate width so just indicating B or D on the order form does not help us process your order.

An open credit will be established for all new custom orthotic accounts upon receipt of your first order. An invoice will be sent along with each order and statements will be processed and sent monthly. Payment may be made from individual invoices or monthly statements. We gladly accept payment by check, Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. As a professional courtesy we offer all practitioners one free pair of custom orthotics and a flat rate price of $50 for physician’s immediate family and office staff. For specific billing and invoice questions please call 1-800-773-2699.

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