ComfortFit Stabilizer Brace


With falls being the leading cause of injury-related morbidity and mortality among older adults, prescribing the Stabilizer Brace will help increase lower extremity stability in your patients and decrease the risk of falls.  We offer a free STS Mid Length casting sock with each Stabilizer order. All Stabilizer orders require a mid-leg cast.

Diabetic version pictured on this page. Standard version pictured on previous page.



  • Improve lower extremity stability
  • Decrease the risk of falls
  • Decrease pain
  • Improve mobility
  • Reduce postural sway and increase ankle stability
  • Facilitate muscular coordination and gait ability
  • Suggested Codes – L1940, L2820, L2330
  • Mid-leg cast is required for all orders
  • available in cloth or plastazote lined interior


Improves lower extremity stability and mobility.  The Stabilizer Brace is highly recommended for fall prevention.

All of our sport orthotics are multipurpose devices used for a wide range of sports and general activities and are biomechanically designed for subtalar control. These devices are recommended for active patients in need of firm control for plantar fasciitis and severe pronation. Sport orthotics serve as the most basic and common orthotics prescribed today. Our standard length is met length on all of our sport devices.


  • 3 mm shell for moderate control
  • Semi-rigid, all-purpose orthotic for control and stability.
  • Designed for everyday use for active patients and weekend athletes.
  • Fits in athletic shoes and walking shoes.


  • Black suborthelene shell (5/32" under 150 lbs. and 3/16" over 150 lbs.).
  • Extrinsic RF post, high-density EVA and non-skid bottom plate.
  • Standard top cover is grey vinyl to mets but you may select different length and material options on the prescription order form.

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